How to get by as a vegan in a small town

How to get by as a vegan in a small town


By now you may have noticed that you have never heard of the town I live in.

3 years ago it was almost impossible to find vegan-friendly and labeled items anywhere in the vicinity of the small town.

Luckily you actually don’t need many specialty items.  I have never had trouble finding things I can eat.

I am sure the population in Sainte-Marthe where I live has a vegan population of 2 maybe 3 but I just have yet to find that 3rd person.

Here are 6 quick tips for finding vegan options and which stores and restaurants you will be most likely to find some fun items in.


  1. If there is a middle eastern restaurant they usually have a falafel. This is a great way to take a break from coking and relax a bit. You can also order pizza I like to order veggie deluxe pizza with no cheese (I add – extra sauce, green olives, extra onions, extra mushrooms and broccoli, it usually already has peppers)
  2. Know which grocery stores in your area have a larger organic section. Organic sections are often key to finding little treasures, such as agave syrup, soy milks, and creams and if you’re lucky to even a small freezer section with some awesome frozen dinners and ice creams. IGA is one of the only stores near me that offers a small vegan /organic section that has great items like almond based coffee creamer.
  3. Check in the isles of imported food items, treasures are always found there.
  4. Tempeh in these cool modern stores with all sorts of vegan options can usually be found in the fridge but in my little blurb on the map, it’s usually in the frozen food section next to the frozen peas and corn. By the frozen one defrost and marinate according to your taste buds or follow one of my marinade tempeh recipes.
  5. Don’t get discouraged. Stick with veggies, rice, quinoa, grains, beans, and legumes. You don’t need a lot of fancy things to thrive on a vegan diet. Keep it simple and stock up on key vegan ingredients when you pass through or visit larger cities.  (I like to stock up on: nutritional yeast, Textured soy protein (TVP), frozen chickenless finger, veggie dogs and sausages, vegan protein bars, nuts, and seeds because they can be really expensive when buying them at the grocery stores) these items freeze really well.
  6. I should also mention that when invited anywhere eat beforehand or bring something with you.



The world is changing and becoming more vegan-friendly, with so many more items available at so many places.

I hope you find some great items and 1 of my 6 tips helped you a bit.

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