About Salad Wife
The story of Elise Chami and where it began!
My name is Elise. Mom of two and a wife to the love of my life.

Every day I attempt to inspire, create and share my passion and love for food with the people I love.

The name Saladwife originated after transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle in 2015, where I was the only plant-based person I knew.

Dinning with family and friends would typically be at a steak houses or back yard barbeque where the only acceptable items on the menu for me were Salads. My family and friends began to think that salads were all I ate.

I was determined to show them, that while I love eating salads and creating fresh nut and herb-based dressings, that my lifestyle also allowed me to recreate and eat everything I ate before and also opened my eyes to so much more.

I started a small Facebook page called Saladwife and began slowly posting my recipes. Everything was homemade, consequently the lack of premade vegan/plant-based still being a rare commodity in the small town of Sainte Marthe, Quebec.

The products I use are readily available at most local supermarket or seasonal markets, with a few, must have vegan plant/based items you might need to order or get from a health food store.